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Juice Cleansing

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What are the benefits?

It is a cellular makeover—an excellent way to offset indulgent bouts or reset before embarking on a more wellness focused routine. We encourage you to consider all the goodness that stems from creating an alkaline environment, but we don’t promote cleanses as a weight loss program. 

What is a juice cleanse?


A juice cleanse is an opportunity to intensely nourish your body with bioavailable whole foods while giving your digestive system a rest.


On a daily basis, our bodies expend substantial energy metabolizing the foods we eat, this process creates free radicals which cause cell degradation. While on a juice cleanse, your body reallocates metabolic energy towards cell regeneration (healing on a molecular level) and is flooded with repair materials- antioxidants.


Raw, cold-pressed juice maintains the truest nutritional profile of whole fruits and vegetables by preserving vital nutrients and enzymes that are otherwise denatured or lost when cooking, blending or with any form of pasteurization.

Our approach

We use 100% organic produce and source locally depending on seasonal availability. Our juice is made by using a small batch, cold-pressed juicer that’s endorsed by the Gerson Institute for cancer therapy. 


Unlike the vast majority of juices found on the shelves, ours is raw- no pasteurization, added water or sweeteners. This allows for deep nourishment and healing. We use all recyclable or compostable packaging and show our appreciation for returned bottles by offering a small bottle deposit. 

Juice Cleanse Options


Jungle Green x 2 bottles


Body Vigor x 2 bottles


Rooted Love x 1 bottle


Autumn Crisp x 1 bottle


Summer Glow x 1 bottle


Cashew Mylk x 1 bottle

1 day cleanse $60 (free delivery)


Step Up

Jungle Green x 3 bottles


Body Vigor x  2 bottles


Rooted Love x 1 bottle


Autumn Crisp x 1 bottle


Cashew Mylk x 1 bottle

2 day cleanse $120 (free delivery)

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Pro Deep Clean

Jungle Green x 4 bottles


Body Vigor x 2 bottles


Rooted Love x 1 bottle


Cashew Mylk x 1 bottle


3 day cleanse $180 (free delivery)

Jungle Green   kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon

Body Vigor   chard, cucumber, green apple, fennel, ginger

Rooted Love   beet, green apple, red cabbage, lemon

Autumn Crisp   carrot, apple, ginger

Summer Glow   watermelon, tomato, lime

Cashew Mylk   cashew, date, cinnamon, vanilla


** Please indicate which package option you would like in the Notes section at checkout and any allergies or sensitivities. 


If you would like to do a multi-day cleanse, you have the option to select a different package for each day

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